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  • 1 USD = BDT 130 Taka (inclusive of VAT).
  • If the budget of the campaign is less than $10 or if the campaign is stopped before the cost of $10, a service charge of 50 taka will be applicable.

Our office is open Saturday-Thursday, 9am to 6pm. It may take some extra time to turn ads on or off while the office is closed. So to get fast service you must contact within official time.

Facebook campaign starting process-

To run a Facebook campaign, you need to massage Cyber 32 Facebook page with the following informations:

  • A link to the post you want to run campaigns or a screenshot showing the name of your page and the date of the post.
  • Advertising budget and duration.
  • Location, age, and gender of the ad you want to show.

After receiving the above information, we will check if your page has access to our system. If we do not have access to your page, we will send Editor request to your page. You need to go to your Page Role Settings from Laptop / Desktop and approve the request received from Cyber ​​32 Agency. The request could not be seen from the mobile. So you must use Laptop / Desktop. However, if you do not have a Laptop / Desktop, then you need to use the mobile Facebook app to send the following ID Editor request from your page.

Send Editor Request to the above Facebook ID to let us know and we will accept the request. Then your campaign will be submitted. After the campaign is submitted, Facebook will review the campaign. Your campaign will be active after the review is completed. Campaign is usually active within 10 - 20 minutes. However, in many cases, it may take 6-12 hours for the campaign to become active. It is totally dependent on Facebook. So you have to wait patiently until the campaign is active.

Billing / Invoice

If you do not have an account in your name in our software, we will create an account for you. To create an account you need to provide the following informations:

Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Home / Office Location

Once the account is created, we will send you the invoice. The amount mentioned in the invoice must be paid in full within the next 30 minutes. Otherwise your campaign may be removed from our system without notice. So to get uninterrupted service, payment has to be completed within the stipulated time.

Payment Methods

Online Payment

Click on this link to make payment through debit / credit card, mobile banking or internet banking:

Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Eastern Bank Limited
Branch: Mirpur Branch
Account Title: Cyber 32
Account No: 1071070366337
Routing No: 095262987

Bank Name: Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
Branch: Mirpur Circle-10 Branch
Account Title: Cyber 32
Account No: 1641100042219
Routing No: 090263136

bKash Payment

bKash Merchant: 01611369000, Pay from Personal bKash's Make Payment option. Enter 1 if you want the counter number.

Cash Payment


If the campaign's messaging cost is below 40 cents, we call it a good response. No complaints will be accepted if the response is good. Otherwise, if you complain, your campaign will be re-targeted.

Campaign turn off / Refund

You can turn off your campaign at any time. You will need to wait at least 2 hours to get an accurate estimate of how many dollars have been spent on the campaign or how many dollars are left after the campaign is closed. After that time you can start another campaign with the remaining dollars or get the same amount back.

If you do not make our cash payment, 1.5% return charges will be applicable at the time of return.

Account Disabled?

In many cases, Facebook campaign may be blocked due to some policy violations. In that case you may have to wait 24 to a maximum of 72 hours for the campaign to resume. So you have to wait patiently until the ad is reactivated. If your campaign has been down for more than one day, you may extend the duration of the campaign by the same amount if you wish after the ad is re-launched.

24 hours after the end of the campaign, the campaign data is deleted from our Ads Manager. Therefore, any problem related to the campaign should be reported during the campaign period or within 24 hours of the end of the campaign. Otherwise your complaint will not be accepted.